Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Still Messy!

Still Messy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9th 2010

Wooo! finally recovered from yesterday's fever. Thank God:D
Cause? dehydration!(cuz i seldom drink water, reason? i'm afraid of having to pee all the time, cuz i'm allergic to dirty toiletsXD)
Wow, it's already day 9 of moi here in Tawau, and EATING still dominate my daily routine these are some of the foods that had gone down into my digestive system so far

Friends know I love 叉烧包

Avocado-I mashed them and mixed it with condensed milk, my traditional recipe:P
Bee hoon filled popiah

Delicious beef stuffed tofu & fishballs

Brown rice-Healthy and Tasty

Doing what i'm good at -Frying omelette

Finally, detoxify with my favorite green apple Vitagen:D

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm HOME!!!!!!

Boarded the 1530 flight
BOREDOM was all i felt throughout the flight, no good-looking target next to me, but it was better than ah ma or ah gong sitting next to me telling me Once upon a time stories, the seat next to me was EMPTY!!!!!

REached Tawau at 1830, my aunt was late, so i sat at the corner finishing the Munchies biscuits Emily gave me the night b4. Thanx Emily! those biscuits helped me to survive hunger:P

B4 reaching home, dropped by at Guardian, to get my basic necessities cuz i only brought clothes home, even Andrew said my luggage was super light this time. Mom scolded me for not bringing those stuff, she was like , u didn't even bring your panties right?(LOL)

Wow, it's good to back after 4 decades i mean 4 months.
I'm so gonna miss them throughout the semester break.
But for now, gonna enjoy my hibernation at my small hometown b4 going back to the concrete jungle. For now gonna reconnect with my long lost best friend!

Last but not least i wanna thank all my CSS mates, for journeying together with me to KL Central on the day i left, so gonna miss y'all throughout the sem break:>

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm sad today.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

It's 3:42am , and i'm still online. My room is a mess as usual. I was digging through my luggages to see if i can find clothes that i can wear for New Year's eve(all the clothes were worn by my aunt few years ago, my friends even called those clothes my own vintage collection hahaha)and the result is..... i found nothing suitable ! but uum who cares what i'm gonna wear on New Year's eve. Wow! another New Year will be spent without my family(i'm super homesick) but there's not much i can do about it. 2009 is gonna end soon! It's been a bizzare year for moi. I've shed a lot of tears, starred in a few dramas(not those award winning ones), learnt a few life lessons along the way, bla bla bla, i guess I should go back to cleaning up my room now, cuz i don't wanna overslept and be late for class again. (certified ALWAYS LATE QUEEN)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My latest Vlog

I was sick during the shooting
Full newscast
Thanx a million to my very patient and professional crew. I call them THE FABULOUS TEAM(YONG SEH LING, YEU YEE SHI& YEOH WEI RAN)
The assignment's instruction was to create a 5-8minutes TV newscast which includes one real and one fake news. Hopefully, the tutor won't fail us in this assignment.

Cut version(fake news only)

Behind the scene Hiawness